Behavior Guidance

The agency has a written behavior guidance policy with respect to permitted and prohibited behavior guidance practices.  The policy applies to all agency staff, volunteers and care providers.

- Staff, volunteers and care givers are required to follow the guidelines at all times.

- A copy of the behavior guidance policy is posted on the parent bulletin board in the family home and is also posted at the agency facilities.  A copy may be obtained from the agency.

- The written behavior guidance policy is reviewed with staff, care givers and volunteers:

     - prior to the start of their employment or their interaction with the center or agency; and

     - annually thereafter to ensure that staff, care givers and volunteers understand and are able to apply             the policy

- The written behavior guidance policy must be reviewed with the parents of each child when they are first enrolled in the family home day care program.

The following provisions are included in the Day Care Regulations and must be followed by every agency and must be included in the agency's behavior guidance policy:

     No operator shall

          a.  permit corporal punishement, including but not limited to

               (a) striking a child directly of with any physical object;

               (b) shaking, shoving, spanking, or other forms of aggressive physical contact;

          b.  require or force a child to repeat physical movements;

          c.  use harsh, humiliating, belittling or degrading responses of any form, including verbal, emotional                or physical;

          d.  confine or isolate a child; or

          e.  deprive a child of basic needs including food, shelter, clothing or bedding.


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