Child Attendance

It is recommended that the parent and child visit the family home a few times in advance to see and to meet the care provider and other children in the family home.

Your Child's First Day

The first day that a child attends the family home day care is a very important day for your child.  Children who are introduced to a child care setting with the help of their parent tend to cooperate better with new situation.  The introduction helps to open lines of communication between parents and care giver, so that special information about the child can be shared.  In addition, you and your child become familiar with the environment, care giver, the routine, and the activities at the family home day care.

We suggest the following ideas for your child's introduction to our family home day care:

     - We suggest that you and your child visit the family home day care together the first day.

     - This should be a brief visit with you in attendance for the first hour or so.

     - If taking the time off is not possible for you, we suggest bringing your child in early the first few                      mornings and spending that time together in the family home day care.

     - We suggest that your child's first few days be shorter that normal, so that his/her days are not too                overwhelming and tiring.

     - If this is your child's first child care experience, you and your child may need some extra support.                  The care giver will assist you and your child through the transition.  Please feel free to share your                 concerns and feelings with her.


We hope that your child(ren) will be part of our family for many years, however we understand that children will leave our care from time to time.  If you plan to withdraw your child from the family day care home, you must provide 2 weeks notice.


     - You must bring your child into the home.  His/her outerwear must be removed in the designated area.

     - Your child must be escorted into the home and greeted by a care giver.  Our responsibility for your               child does not begin until she/he is in the care of a care giver.  Children are not to be left at the door            unsupervised area.

     - For infants and toddlers, on arrival please advise the care giver of any special circumstances that may        affect your child's behavior or well-being that day.

     - Please notify the care giver about half an hour before the arrival time if your child will not be attending          or will be late.


     - Children must be picked up by the closing time designated by the care provider.  If, due to unforeseen         circumstances, you will be late picking up your child, you must call the care provider in advance.  Note         that a late pick-up fee could be charged.

     - Children must be picked up by an authorized parent of guardian.  In the event that you are unable to           pick up your child, you must notify the care giver in advance regarding who will be coming for your           child, and an approximate pick-up time.

     - The care giver will only release your child to those persons listed on the authorization form at the time          of enrollment.  Please keep us updated with any changes to this list.

     - If you want someone not listed on the authorization form to pick up your child, you must inform us in           writing.  If this is not possible, we must be able to contact you for authorization, or we will not release           the child to the person.


We strongly recommend that all children take a two-week vacation a year.  These vacations provide the child with a refreshing break from the program, as well as valuable time with the family.  Please notify the care giver in advance if your child will be absent from the family home day care for any period of time.  Fees are payable during vacation periods, unless the care giver is unavailable at the same time (ex. vacation).


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