Fee Structure

Fee Payments

Care givers set there own daily fees, but the fees should be competitive with similar programs in the community.  Fees are payable directly to the care provider and are to be paid on a weekly basis (unless arrangements are made in advance with the care provider).  The fees are as follows:


Infants (0-17 months):                    $ 32.00

Children ( 18 months and up):        $ 29.00

Partial Day:                                      $ 17.00

After School:                                    $ 12.50

Late Payments

Child care services will not be provided to any family whose child care fees are more than two weeks late.


If the outstanding balance remains unpaid for two weeks, the agency will contact the parent regarding the matter.  Depending on whether the child has a subsidized space, the family may be required to pay the balance immediately or a repayment schedule may be created to ensure that the balance is paid.

Early Drop Off and/or Late Pick-Up Fee

Our care givers strive to provide flexible child care services.  The daily fees are based on child care being provided during the hours of operation set out.  If you require child care services earlier or later in the day, please speak to your care giver of to the agency and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

An additional fee will be charged for any additional hours of service, at a rate of $5.00 per hour.  Early drop-off and late-pick up fees will be added to your weekly fees.

Fees During Vacation

Fees are payable during vacation periods where the child is away from the home.  No fees are payable when the care provider is on vacation.


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