Grievance Procedure

Although our family home day care agency, through approved care providers, makes every attempt to offer the highest quality care to all children and families, there may be occasions when parents have concerns about particular events, situations or staff.  If that occurs, parents are encouraged to talk to the care giver as a first point of contact.  It is best to have this discussion after regular hours, one-on-one, when the care giver is not still looking after children.  If the care giver is not able to address the concern satisfactorily, or if the concern is serious enough to warrant immediate review, parents are encouraged to contact the agency's family home consultant.  The family home consultant will then investigate the concern/situation, will schedule meetings as necessary with appropriate parties to gather information, and will work with the care giver and the parents to resolve the issue.  Parents and the care giver will be kept informed throughout the process (within confidentiality requirements).

Our goal is to provide quality child care.  We encourage parents to bring their concerns to our care givers and the family home consultant as soon as they arise, so that we can work together to resolve issues quickly without impacting the quality of the care provided.


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