Nutritional Information

Our care providers offer balanced and varied menus that utilize nutritious foods and health and allergy requirements.  The care provider will plan meals in advance and will post menus for the interest of parents.

Care providers offer a nutritious morning and afternoon snacks and for children who stay over the lunch hour, a full lunch is provided.  School aged children may be permitted to bring their own lunches, depending on the preferences of the parents.  If your child requires supplements or special foods due to a medical condition, you will be responsible for providing them.  The care provider eats with the children to help model appropriate eating behaviors and positive food habits.  The care provider does not force children to eat, or withhold favorite foods for inappropriate behaviors, but will encourage children through positive modeling and reinforcements to try new or other foods.

Regulated child care settings welcome mothers to breastfeed anywhere in the facility or home.  When requested, regulated child care settings provide a comfortable space for breastfeeding mothers.

Care providers allow infants to explore their food, feed themselves and respond to hunger and fullness cues.

When child care facilities purchase or receive donations of food or beverages from an outside source, such as a caterer or parents, the food must be from an establishment permitted by the Department of Agriculture and comply with the Food and Beverage Nutrient Criteria.  The licensee must ensure that the product includes a list of ingredients and any special preparation, storage or serving instructions are clearly labeled.

Care providers are responsive to children's cues around hunger and provide snacks and meals outside of the regular schedule as required.

Care providers create a relaxing and enjoyable meal environment (e.g. plan for transitions in routine from play to meal/snack).  Care providers encourage children to respond to hunger and feelings of fullness and children are not forced to finish food that has been served.

Please keep us informed about any food allergies.


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