Chinatsu Doucet

 Crystal Melanson

 Nadine Amero

 Nicole Boudreau-Romain
 Nina Thibault

 Sarah Sullivan 

 Wanda Thibodeau

Duties and Responsibilities of Care Providers

The care provider is responsible to:

* Maintain current first aid and CPR certificate

* Complete personal Child Abuse Register check every three years

* Complete personal criminal record check every three years

* Ensure Child Abuse Register and criminal record checks are completed every three years for all other people who live in the family day care home

* Carry adequate liability insurance to cover the family day care home and vehicle

* Maintain daily records in respect of infants and toddlers

* Keep a record for each child enrolled in the family day care home, including applications for admissions, medical, consent forms, and such other information as may be required

* Understand and apply the agency's behavior guidance policy at all times

* Ensure proper food handling and monitor water safety

* Provide a nutritionally adequate meal providing 1/3 of daily nutrient requirements for any child that stays over the lunch hour

* Provide a nutritious snack in the morning and afternoon for all children

* Comply with all regulations of the Family Home Day Care Regulations Act


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