Parent Involvement and Communication

The agency is extremely interested on having parents involved in the family home day care program.  Communication with parents and receiving feedback from parents are keys to our success.  The agency will communicate with parents through the care giver and when required, by phone, regular mail or email.

Parent Bulletin Board

The agency and each care giver must have a parent bulletin board that contains information of interest to parents and information required by the regulations to be posted (see list below).

The bulletin board must be posted in a conspicuous place in the family day care home and also at the agency.

Besides the required information, the bulletin board should also include program information that may be of interest to parents, notices regarding up coming meetings and activities, as well as parenting and community information that may assist parents.  Parents should make sure to check the bulletin board regularly.  The regulations state that the parent bulletin board must include the following information:

     - A copy of the agency's license from the Dept. of Community Services

     - A notice indicating that the following information is available for viewing by the parents: Day Care Regulations and Family Home Day Care Standards

     - Illness exclusion criteria

     - Copy of the agency's behavior guidance policy

     - Minutes of the last parent advisory committee meeting

     - Notice of the next parent advisory committee meeting

     - Rules and procedures respecting emergency evacuations

     - A list of telephone numbers of ambulance, hospital, fire department, police and other emergency info

     - A copy of any critical issues notification sent to parents (see below)

Critical Issues Notification

When critical issues arise which could impact the way the family home day care is run or managed, the agency must provide notice in writing to parents.  In particular, the agency must notify the parents if any of the following occur:

     a) the approval of a care give or a family day care home they manage is or will be revoked;

     b) a family day care home or agency is closed or sold;

     c) conditions are imposed upon the agency's license or any written information about the agency's               license or program has been given to the agency by the director;

     d) the police or an agency established under the Children and Family Services Act are investigating a matter involving a care giver or other person associated with the family home day care, unless the police or the agency established under the Children and Family Services Act directs otherwise.


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