Universal Health Precautions 

Those who work at our agency or are associated with the agency as care givers, help control the spread of infections by practicing proper hygiene and universal precautions.  Children, care givers and agency staff and volunteers wash their hands thoroughly with warm water and soap before meals, after toileting, before and after administering first aid, and throughout the day as required.  Dishes, eating surfaces and diapering areas are sanitized after each use; toys are checked for breakage daily and sanitized at least twice each week.  Floors are cleaned daily, as required throughout the day.  The laundry, kitchen and bathrooms are maintained in a clean and organized manner.

Universal precautions adapted by the family home day care include:

- hands are washed immediately after exposure to blood, and all other bodily secretions

- all cuts are covered with a sterile bandage until healed.

- disposable latex gloves are worn by the care giver treating open cuts

- blood-soiled surfaces are disinfected with bleach, which kills HIV

- laundry stained with blood and other bodily secretions is washed separately in hot, soapy water

- materials stained with blood and other bodily secretions are placed in sealed garbage bags and discarded in a lined, covered plastic container.


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