Care Provider's Absence

Your Child's Needs

Our agency's programs are designed to encourage and facilitate active learning and development through exploration and play.  To ensure that your child gets the most out of the program and is safe, comfortable and happy throughout the day, we have developed the following guidelines:

     - Your child will need the following personal items, which should be kept at the family day care home (and replaced with clean items when required):

          * a small blanket, pillow, and sheet for rest period

          * a toothbrush and toothpaste

          * indoor shoes or slippers

          * a complete change of clothing( underwear, socks, paints, shirt, etc)

     - If your child is not toilet-trained, you are responsible for providing approximately 20 or more diapers per week, and any special toileting supplies that your child needs ( the care giver will keep you updated on your child's diaper needs)

     - Your child may bring a safe, plush toy for rest period, such as a plush or stuffed toy, a doll, or a favorite nap time blanket.

     - Children should wear comfortable clothing so that they can participate in all aspects of the program.

     - Please send your child in the appropriate outdoor clothing for the day.  We try to go outside at least once a day.  Following are lists of seasonal outerwear that your child will require:


Sun hat

Summer/spring jacket

Waterproof rain boots & rain pants

Outdoor sneakers


Sun screen & bug spray



Wool hat

Snowsuit (snow pants, coat)

Winter boots

2 pairs of mittens of gloves

warm sweater

light sweater

winter/fall jacket

All items of clothing should be clearly labeled with your child's name or initials.

While every effort is made to protect your child's clothing and possessions from loss or damage, we can not guarantee that this will not happen.



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